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Michael Liang L.Ac. M.S.O.M.

Board Certified Acupuncturist

Michael is a second generation Chinese Medicine practitioner. He graduated from South Baylo University and holds a Masters degree in Oriental medicine. He has apprenticed with his father and uncle who are very proud that he is carrying on the family tradition. He also apprenticed with Dr. Han at Yue Yang Hospital in Shanghai, China treating many different symptoms and diseases with acupuncture. On the weekends, he would travel a long way to the small town of Song Jiang to learn from a well known retired acupuncturist. Currently, he continues to learn new techniques from experts around the world.

Michael has worked with Easterseals at various camps taking care of the developmentally and mentally disabled. On his spare time he plays softball in Irvine and baseball around Southern California.


Shannon Hennigar L.Ac. M.S.O.M

Shannon has a Master Degree in Chinese Medicine and graduated from South Baylo University. She has worked as an Acupuncturist since 2005 in many types of multidisciplinary settings with Chiropractors and Physical Therapists, where she gained a plethora of experience working with acute and chronic pain conditions. She also is an experienced Herbalist and has a vast interest in essential oils for clinical and casual application. Shannon worked with Micheal Liang and his family to learn the accurate clinical diagnostics of Reflexology. Shannon is delighted to share her skills in acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine with her patients.

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