What is reflexology?

Pressure points on the feet are related to the energy flow of the organs in the body.  Stimulating these Tsubo, reflex or acupoints relieves pain and releases stagnation of chi or energy flow.

* Have you been suffering from an ailment for a long time?
* Are you suffering from an illness but do not know the reason behind it?
* Are you suffering from headaches, sleep disorders, irregular heartbeat, back pains, cramps or constipation?
* Does your child have bed wetting or nose bleeding problems?
* Problems with menstrual cycle?
* Suffering from arthritis?
* or just need stress release?

We can tell your health condition introducing a conventional Eastern healing method using no medicine or injection.  Without you telling us your medical history, we can let you know your health condition in precisely 20 minutes.

The feet reflect the body like a mirror.  Treating the feet will affect the body’s internal system.  The reflex technique or pressure movements will cause a reflex stimulation which activates the body’s own healing process.

“Reflexology” is an acupressure technique applied to the feet to improve circulation of blood and lymph; and act as an aid to help the body to heal itself naturally.  Reflexology also helps to normalize gland, hormone and organ function, and provides deep relaxation and reduce muscle tension.